Treatment process


This is how we work
in 5 steps

Step by step our service.


You can make your appointment by contacting our professional team.


The period of your stay in Antalya will depend on the type of treatment you have.

24/7 support

During your treatment, you will be in contact with our language-speaking assistants at any time and the treatment process will be tailored to you.

Treatment time

After the first examination we write a detailed treatment plan for you.

After treatment

Depending on the type of treatment you may need to stay some more time in Antalya.


  • First appointment was here and i was very happy. Very near to hotels, airports, and downtown. Reception and doctors were really kind to me. Best wishes to more success 👍

    Alice Gan
    Los Angeles
  • Look this smile. No need to comment.

  • Canan was super! Diagnostic and XRay were free, and finally i did not need any treatment, she could have sold me something i did not need, but did not. Super staff, super place, i recommend warmly!

    Romain Ensminger